Who We Are

A rising tide lifts all boats – John F. Kennedy

True Trust Residential Care, LLC is a Christian residential care company  born out of the realization that a higher quality of At Home Care is desperately needed for those with disabilities and their families. We are a small, family-owned agency and plan to stay as such.

As a Medicaid waiver behavioral clinician for the last 10 years, I have personally seen the disparaging circumstances surrounding our current residential waiver program when I visit the individual’s I serve in their homes. Non-Competitive wages, poor standards of service, and moderate expectations from supervisors lower the bar for DSP applicants. Unfortunately, staff shortages, high turnover, and company owners who do not genuinely care, create a work climate where unfavorable caregivers get hired. These newly hired caregivers often choose not to fulfil their work responsibilities, and at worst neglect, exploit, or even abuse our disabled family members. Lack of accountability from company owners, and overworked program coordinators make this area of waiver services a revolving door of frustration for some families and their disabled loved ones. Our mission is to stop this kind of climate and raise the tide in our industry in hopes that all the other ships will rise as well.  Our wish is for every person with a disability to feel valued in our communities and empowered to live their best life!

With a positive outlook toward the future, we hope to make lasting changes in home care for the disabled. We named our company “True Trust” because we want all the individuals we serve, and their families, to feel that they can truly trust us with their precious family members.”

With a Sincere and Hopeful Heart,

Katie Wilds, M.Ed.
Co-Owner, Executive Director

How we are raising the tide in our industry:

  • Much Higher payrates and benefits for quality, experienced, caregivers
  • Close and Personal Supervision of Care
  • Higher ratio of Care Coordinators assigned per individual served
  • Marketing in Christian Networks and Local Churches to recruit caregivers who exude compassionate Christian values.
  • A rigorous and stringent screening of all applicants
  • Stringent Background Checks
  • Owner and Executive Director Drop ins monthly on all individuals served for staff observations and individual check ins.
  • Quality over Quantity (Purposefully lower number of individuals served for the purpose of owners and directors being more available to communicate with individuals and guardians)

A successful team beats with one heart